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Technical Contribution Guidelines

Currently the frontend for Omni X is open sourced while the backend remains closed source until an official release. The best way to contribute is to fork, fix, commit and create a pull request describing your work in detail: Please follow the following structure to create a description for a pull request:
Title (mandatory) -- The title of the fix/feature Description (mandatory) -- Describe what work have you done in as much detail as possible. Related Issue (optional) -- If the pull request fixes an issue please tag the id of this issue. Context (mandatory) -- Write down the context behind this feature/fix, what was the purpose of implementing it? How has this been tested? (mandatory) -- Describe what testing you have done to make sure that the fix/feature works as intended and does not break the existing code. Screenshots (mandatory) -- Please include a screenshot of your work. A frontend fix/feature should directly include a screenshot of your work. A backend fix/feature can include a screenshot of the hardhat output after running a test.
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