Listing an NFT for a Fixed Price

Navigate to the NFT you want to sell, hover over it, and click on Sell in the bottom-left corner of the NFT card. If you don't see the Sell button, make sure you're connected to the correct wallet.

Next, you'll see a window appear. Enter the price you want to list your NFT at, select the currency, and click List.

If you are selling an item from a specific collection on Omni X for the first time, the platform will prompt you to approve the collection for trading. Click Confirm. This action is required only once for each collection, on each network. Once a collection has been authorized, there is no need to repeat the process, unless you choose to withdraw the approval at a later time.

For the final step, you will need to Sign the transaction to approve the listing process.

Congratulations, your NFT has now been listed on Omni X! Users from all supported networks can find and purchase your NFT.

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