Omni X aims to transcend the conventional NFT marketplace experience by emphasizing the social facets of art and exchange. Our strategy involves:

Customized Feeds: Omni X offers personalized feeds, akin to those found on web2 social and media platforms. These feeds will be tailored based on users' followed artists and collections, featuring artwork posted by artists, reposts from other users, collection updates, and significant collection alerts. We envision the evolution of these feeds to incorporate comments, tips, advanced filters, bot alerts, user-friendly features like one-click NFT profile picture swapping, and more.

Personal Dashboards: Alongside customized feeds, users will have access to a personal dashboard that displays their activities. Initial analytics will cover standard metrics such as portfolio value (over time), a "degen" score, trading activities, and more. Subsequent analytics and features will extend to collection-specific awards (e.g., a project may award a ribbon to users who held an NFT for over six months) and detailed information segmented by blockchain.

Project Integrations: Omni X will enable projects and ecosystems to engage with and reward their users. For example, gaming projects can grant their users Xbox Live-style achievements, profile pictures, banners, and platform "skins" that can be showcased within their profiles. Projects achieving specific volume thresholds will unlock new features for their collection pages, such as advanced analytics and custom skins.

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